With fuel prices rising and budgets being tightened, all businesses are keen to save money on fuel. On a SAFED Training course, fleet drivers will learn best practice for driving safely and efficiently in order to reduce risk to health and safety, whilst reducing fuel consumption.  It is estimated that SAFED training can result in potential fuel savings of 15% - That’s the equivalent of 1 free tank per 6 fill-ups! The SAFED training scheme covers training for vans, lorries and company cars.

SAFED is a European initiative funded by the EU, with some businesses being able to claim subsidies for any driver who has undergone this training. Please note that the ‘SAFED’ scheme has now officially ended through the government, and has been replaced with the “Best Van Practice Scheme”. However, as a DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer and SAFED trainer, Alan is able to offer a similar scheme to businesses in and around the North Devon, including Barnstaple, Bideford, Torrington and South Molton.

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