Fleet Driver Training

What is Fleet Driver Training?

As a DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer, Alan is qualified to deliver fleet driver training courses to businesses that need to safely manage fleets of vans or cars. Fleet Driving courses are essential for assessing the safety of your business’s fleet drivers and can help to reduce incident risk, costs and lost time, by teaching safe and fuel efficient driving skills.

There are a number of different fleet driving courses available that combine both theory and practical training. Because every business is different, Alan works closely with every client to understand their needs and design a course that is tailored to meet the business’s fleet management needs.

Does My Business Require Fleet Driver Training And What Are The Benefits?

By law, employers are required to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of employees whilst at work (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974). Businesses are also required to carry out an assessment of the risks of the health and safety of your employees whilst at work and to others who may be affected by their work related activities (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999) These risks include driving.

If your business is able to show that it has taken all necessary preventative measures to the reduce risk of incidents occurring, which includes fleet assessment and training, you will be in the best position to protect against prosecution under the Health and Safety regulations.

Save Money and Reduce Accident Risk

Not only does fleet driver training ensure that you meet all legal requirements to reduce risk of prosecution, it also helps your business to reduce fleet running costs, lost time, absenteeism and incident risk in order to increase profit and maximise efficiency.

How Does Fleet Training Work?

Alan will come to your business and work closely with individual drivers to assess their driving ability, road safety and Highway Code theory. After a thorough assessment has been carried out, relevant training will be recommended to ensure that the employee is able to drive safely, responsibly and efficiently on the road.

Should any fleet driver fall below the assessment criteria or become a risk, Refresher Driver Training courses are available.  To discuss your specific fleet training requirements, please get in touch.

Training and Assessment

Fleet training courses normally begin in the classroom, where Alan will give presentation to introduce the course and outline aims and ambitions. Drivers are then taken out on the road and assessed in order to give an indication of their current driving style and level of road safety.  Those who pass the assessment as being low risk will require no further training, whilst those who do not meet the required standards will be given personalised recommendations for training.