Alan Powell is one of North Devon’s most experienced and well-qualified driving instructors – So much so that he even trains new driving instructors!

Ever since he can remember, Alan Powell has lived and breathed all things automotive.  This passion has seen him journey through a successful and very varied career within driving and automotive industries.

Alan started his career in the repair and recovery trade, during which time he learnt much about the mechanical side of things as well as gained valuable experience in the motor trade. Over the years, Alan’s enthusiasm for motors and his reliable repair skills have seen build a strong reputation for vehicle renovation and repair work through positive word of mouth.

Alan’s career as a driving instructor was encouraged by his family (namely his son!), friends and colleagues in the driving industry, including those at RoSPA at which he was chairman. With a patient understanding manner, alongside a wealth of industry experience and a reputation for reliability, they saw him as the perfect candidate. This faith and encouragement from those closest to him gave Alan the confidence to train as a driving instructor. Alan was an immediate success with his pupils and as a result has never had to advertise.

Training and Experience

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more highly qualified and diversely experienced driving instructor in North Devon than Alan Powell – he even teaches the instructors! When choosing a driving instructor, it is important to look at their qualifications and experience to know that you’re in safe hands and can trust them to provide you with the skills and confidence that you’ll need to pass your test. Alan wants you to pass just as much as you do and promised to put his all into tailoring your driving lessons so that you pass your test confidently, safely and quickly.

Alan is experienced in assessing offending or ‘at-risk’ drivers, and is able to deliver personalised rehabilitation courses to get drivers back on the road. He is also has years of experience teaching pupils with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Autism, and Asperger Syndrome. Alan has the specialist know-how and calm patience to provide manageable and enjoyable lessons that work to suit the learning needs of the individual.

Since standing down as Chairman for RoSPA North Devon Group, Alan continued as their assigned driver trainer and also works for large training companies classroom and in-car training for offending drivers, including Driving Safer for Longer courses to enable the elderly to stay driving safely.